Ok Lets Clear This Up!!! A Lot Of People Are Thinking You Can Only Get Bigger/Stronger Using Weights Instead Of Using Their Own Body Weight!! Smh! Ok Here We Go!! Notice! Every Single Exercise In The "Weight Room"...Done While "Using Weights"...Can Be Done Using Body Weight With The Addition Of A Supportive Apparatus (BOSU Ball/Stability Ball/Stationary Equip/TRX/Etc)!! Now...The Funny Things Is...A Lot Of People Try To Argue This Theory...But I've Noticed That Those Who Have Attempted To Argued Such, With Me...CAN'T EVEN LIFT THEIR OWN BODY WEIGHT TO BEGIN WITH!!! Sir/Ma'am If You Want To "Bulk Up" Please Understand That The Dumbbell You're Lifting/Curling/Pressing Is In Most Cases, LIGHTER THAN YOU ARE!!!


Unless You Already Have The Size And Strength!! For Example..."I Wanna Curl Dumbbells To Get Bigger Arms!" But You Can't Do One Single Pull-Up?!?!? "I Wanna Do Bench Press!" But You Can't Do One Single Push-Up!! News Flash! Starting With Your Body Weight (Calisthenics For Example) Is Fundamental In Proper Muscle Growth And Development...That's Why We (Good-Trainers) Start Children With Basic Body Weight Exercises (Push-Ups/Sit-Ups/Etc) As The Basis Of Their Physical Fitness Program...Remember Hearing That They Have To Be Old Enough To Lift Weights?? Same Concept Applies!!


Now...After You've Mastered Using You're own Body Weight And Your Body Weight Is Insufficient (Trying To Become Hyper-Muscular Or Advancement Beyond Such Weight), Then Free-Weights Are Great! For Example, Lets Use A Couple Of My Mentors...Sorry To Put You Guys On Blast But Why Would Mike Harrison Go And Do 3 Sets Of 50 Push-Ups When He Can Do A 400lb Bench Press?? Duh!!! Or Why Would Nickol Damascus Go And Do 100 Standard Body Weight Squats When She Can Get On The Squat Rack And Squat For 10 With An Addition 225lbs On Her Back?!?!?


Lets Start Learning Kinesiolgy And Bio-Mechanics Before We Argue With Those Whom We Pay To Know!! What Would This Country Look Like If People Listened To Their Trainers (Who ONLY Get Paid When People Are Getting Healthy) Just As Much As People Listen To Doctors (Who Only Get Paid When People Are Getting Sick)...Doctors Get Paid More During Flu Season...Trainers Get Paid More A Few Months Before Summer...Think About It!