I know it's been a while, but here we go again with another ideal thrown around by many who don't really understand the many concepts of health and fitness. Many of us have heard and many more have said "I Don't Want To Lose Weight, I Just Want To Tone Up!". I could never place the blame on those who have no clue about health and fitness because they just don't have an understanding. But in pure Body By O Fashion...I'll Explain It!


First we'll have to understand the meaning of "Toning Up". Being toned is being able to see the muscle (Being Defined or Muscle Definition). The only reason a person wouldn't be able to see their muscle definition is because of the fat that's covering it...simply put. Now knowing that the lack of tone is due to the fat that's covering the muscle, we now have to take into consideration the fat that hides those muscles is MATTER (Anything That Has MASS And Takes Up Space) which means, that fat has WEIGHT! To lose such fat to be able to see the muscle (Tone Up) WILL RESULT IN WEIGHT-LOSS! Now it should be easier to understand the statement made by many...IS FALSE!


With this idealistic understanding, there are many theories that support the APPEARANCE that there is "Toning Without Significant Weight-Loss". One that I both favor and apply in the Body By "O" Boot Camp is the idea that we'll build the muscle, decrease the fat, and bring the muscle closer to the skin for DEFINITION! Please be advised that this WILL GIVE THE APPEARANCE OF TONING WITHOUT WEIGHT-LOSS however, please understand that if the individual doesn't have much fat to lose, they won't have much weight to loss. Then we have to sincerely consider an individual's Body Composition (Body Fat Percentage)! If a person has a low weight (giving them the idea that they don't want to lose any) and then unfortunately has a high Body Fat Percentage, it's going to be extremely hard for them not to lose several pounds initially until they gain muscle (for shape) which will then increase their body weight. Along with tthe individual that has a high body weight, they to will have to lose a lot of body fat (weight) before they can see the muscle. And what most misunderstand is that it's A LOT MORE DIFFICULT TO GAIN MUSCLE THAN IT IS TO LOSE FAT...AND TAKES UP TO 5 TIMES LONGER!


Don't forget, just because your body weight (Body Mass Index) may be low, within, or even outside a "healthy" range, doesn't mean that your Body Fat is within a healthy range. Body Fat Percentage being more important, I for example am considered "Morbidly Obese" according to my BMI (Height and Weight) but my Body FAT is extremely LOW (which I obviously enjoy)! 


So...If You Want To "TONE UP"...Join The Next Body By "O" Boot Camp Starting Feb 27th!