Among the many myths in health and fitness, the idea that we can target fat is probably the greatest. The false notion that people can target fat loss has made millions of dollars from people anxious to lose certain areas! Well here's the real and often untold truth!


Every body has its own sequence of fat loss. Meaning, there are certain areas that lose before others. However, science has proven that there are certain areas in the body that foster dense adipose (fat) tissue deposits (known as fat reserves). These dense fat areas are in place to survive the body through a famine (that which is fat's primary purpose). Aside from the prior, there is visceral/interstitial fat (fat surrounding the internal organs).


As we can see, fat does in fact have its purpose in our bodies however, we all know that an abundance of such causes many health as well as cosmetic issues/problems. Now here are the last few places we sequentially (in no specific order) lose fat: the bottom of the stomach or sides (love handles), bottom of the buttocks, the inner thighs, or the back (just below the shoulder blades). Understanding that we can't target certain fat areas, the easiest way to deal with those specific areas is to burn fat generally over all as fast as possible.


So, Those individuals who think or have been misled to think they can chose where they lose fat are sadly mistaken and will soon receive a harsh reality check.


*side note* It won't matter how many stomach exercises you may do, if you don't diet for fat loss, there will be NO FAT LOSS! More info in the up coming blogs!