Upon the recent elections and leading up to them, there was an inert fear throughout the world! Will Hillary take all of our guns and then force us to live under Marshal Law? Or will Trump ignite a racial/religious war causing us all to take up our arms and defend what and who we love most?

Well, needless to say the elections led us in a direction of which; if you hate a particular race or religion, you're open and vocal about it! Also, if you're an avid gun enthusiast, you've been extremely excited about the support he has for the NRA and the ammo prices going back down...lol. And as you can see, being able to keep our guns and a surplus of ammo has overridden the fear of any civil war, well, because we have the opportunity (via the 2nd amendment) to "Hold Our Own" and defend what's ours!

Nonetheless, even though or freedom to protect ourselves is at the forefront, we still need the ability, knowledge, and training to do so has become most important! Training! Training for the moment! Training For Any Moment! TRAINING FOR ANY MOMENT UNDER ANY CONDITION! The most important thing we can do as individuals is LEARN AND THEN TRAIN TO PROTECT WHAT/WHOM YOU LOVE!



"Find A Way, Or MAKE ONE!"