In most cases, as with any fitness regiment, many ask the question "Where Are The Results??". Always question the fitness program, the diet, but most of all the discipline of the individual IN THE PROGRAM and the LIFESTYLE there of! Of the many constants in health and fitness, one of the most common is the fact that everyone is different (Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally). With that being established, another constant is the idea that health and fitness is 90% mental. 


Before anyone can achieve any fitness goal, they have to have already made the mental decision that they WANT to, and that they actually CAN accomplish such goals! However, the greatest mental deterrent, is FEAR! Now here's where this topic becomes sensitive. There are many fitness programs that use the idea of fear to persuade clients to join their classes only to have them there for many months WITHOUT acquiring results. They'll also use the idea of "That Class Over There Is Too Hard! Join My Class, Its Easier!". And true enough, that class will in fact be easy, but at the expense of minimal results, if any! There is no sense of true accomplishment in accomplishing the EASY! There are many who attend fitness classes that are actually "Social Clubs" that go out to eat, drink, and party (contrary to the healthy lifestyle) only to say that they are FOR THE PEOPLE! Be Careful! After the eating, partying, and then have to return to your own mirror alone (without the social club). Now I have to be honest, there is a lot of comfort in "Easy Social Club Fitness Classes"! However, they render little to no results, that which has the potential to cause you to never really push towards that goal!


The truth that many refuse to tell is the fact that the feeling and comfort of allowing your body to get out of shape IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE FEELING TO GET YOUR BODY INTO SHAPE! That is the basis of all health and fitness FEAR...PAIN/DISCOMFORT! The reality of it is, there's no way around it! In order to look and be opposite, the transition of such will feel the opposite! This is where the "Easy Social Club Fitness Classes" deter many from their goals! I actually forgot to include the ideal of "Easy", "Social', and "Club" in the building of the Body By O vision...Oops! You come to train, not talk, get healthy, not be in a click! I do this because, where is your "Easy Social Club Fitness Classes" when you're in the mirror slipping into a depression because of what you see? Where is your "Easy Social Club Fitness Classes" when you're on your back in the hospital listening to your Dr. tell you that you should've done this/that? Well, your "Easy Social Club Fitness Class" will be out doing what they do...being easy and social!


After the understanding of the prior, you now have to have the mental conditioning to endure that pain of that transition! Along with such, in order to maintain a healthy mindset, it helps greatly to see results along the way to keep you motivated! For example, just last week I had a young lady approach me ecstatically because she lost 16lbs her 1st week! And Another to lose 4lbs her 1st 3 days! Please be advised, just extreme as their quick results, there was an EQUAL AMOUNT OF PAIN to come along with it! Now those who are what I call "Mentally Weak" will make up and excuse and say, "She didn't do it the right way!" etc...well, she followed the program which is the right way (proven because people are trying to copy just faster than that of the "Easy Social Club Fitness Classes"!


Where Are Your Results? Right Behind Your Pain Tolerance, Which Is Right Behind Your Will To Push Through And Suck Up The Pain, Which Is Right Behind Your Discipline, Which Is Right Behind Your WANT To Be Better!


"How Bad Do You Want It?"

"We're Not Here To Socialize! We're Here To Train!"

"Suck It Up! It's Only Pain!"

"Your Physique Is A Mirrored Image Of Your Pain Tolerance!"