The Well Armed Woman!

Well, now that the idea that women are less than men in the gun area has been destroyed…lol! I must be honest, I find myself chuckling more and more lately! The more women I train, the bigger the calibers and the tighter the shot groups!

One day, my wife and I were at the long range rifle side of the complex for her second time. I was on my 7mm Mag and she was on the .556. About 50 rounds in, over the bang of my rifle, through my hearing protection, I hear “Ugh!”…“Damn!”…“Shit!”…“F---!” So, I discretely positioned my rifle so I could see her target through my optics. I see her shot group is that of a small fist…hmm, wonder what she’s pissed about. So, I ask, “What’s wrong?” Nope, I wasn’t ready for her reply… “They’re not going through the same hole!” lol…so my reply while laughing… “What do you mean? Your shot group is the size of a baby's fist!”...Then she gave me the mean face…“Yours went through the same hole!”  At that moment I’d realized that my years of military experience and my time as a firearms instructor meant nothing to her! She’s superwoman, she knows it, and won't settle for less!

Seeing women not only find their place in the gun world but steadily find their positions UP FRONT is absolutely amazing! Seeing my wife train her skills to perfection, Stefanie pushing her combat skills beyond the normal expectation, Megan’s focus on her protective mom and teacher skills, and Brittonyah’s new found focus of protection as well as being a mom and stylist! Dry firing nightly, focused on being readily responsive for “That Moment” when it comes! In addition to their everyday lives, being “Well Armed” has been a new found norm for these women who’ve risen to the challenge of family protection!


Body By “O” Tactical