Well...another dead black child by the gun of another white police officer! Smh! I genuinely believe that at this point its quite clear to most, there's a serious issue with how things are handled in law enforcement..as in, been clear for the last 200 years!

In a society that appears that its "open season" on hunting black people as if they were a replacement for deer or hog on a hunting reserve, it's obvious why there's such a community outrage! But, every time a black person is gunned down, the police departments swear on everything that race wasn't an issue! However, just this week, a teen was driving away and was shot in the head with The INFAMOUS AR15 by a white policeman!

Ok, we'll leave out the initial report that the teen was driving towards the officer (that which would make the vehicle a deadly weapon, and the incident a justifiable shoot) which, was realized to be a lie when the video was reviewed! Lol...ok, he lied! This now means he purposely or accidentally murdered this young black child, in front of his two cousins might I add, either way, its murder!  The initial punishment for the officer was not to be arrested and to wait for his attorney and bail...but simply fired!

Aight, smh! Here's the question! We know it was a horrible shoot at best! But, where's the justification for the shoot? Was this cop a racist waiting for the opportunity to kill a black person? Was his training soo sub-par that he didn't realize when to shoot and his fear of black people made him feel that a black person running/driving away from him made him fear for his life like we commonly hear? Or was he simply an afraid-untrained-racist? Even better question, regardless of your choice of the above questions, is this unfair and personl agenda driven justice system going to cover this one up as well?

As ridiculous as this is about to read and I cringe as I type it. Today is my son's 16th birthday! I, as the father of a black teenager had to explain to him that there's a child, just a few miles from where we live, who is now dead because a white police officer shot him in the head with his rifle. He was unarmed and driving away from the police. He had a 3.5 gpa, never been in any trouble! I've repeatedly drilled, drilled, and drilled my son on how to respond to police officers to simply stay alive! It's sickening! All because I don't know if the police officers he encounters will be racist, untrained, or BOTH!

Let Me Know What You Think They Are!


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