Urban Overwatch & Vehicular Ambush (Houston)

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Urban Overwatch & Vehicular Ambush (Houston)


Urban Overwatch & Vehicular Ambush (Houston)


Location: 6821 County Rd 128 Alvin, Tx. 77584

Time: 8a - 5p

VEHICULAR AMBUSH: The Vehicle Ambush Course will focus on:

  • Threat assesment inside and outside vehicle

  • Action vs. Reaction time

  • Firearm deployment and engagement

  • Problem solving under pressure

  • Cover and Concealment

Range Fee $20


Ear and Eye Protection

Water + a long-sleeved shirt (dress for weather and activities)

Ammo 200 rounds (minimum) for primary weapon

Secondary weapon (optional) and Ammo 150 rounds for this weapon

OVERWATCH: After Mastering The Theories & Concepts Of Precision Rifle, We Now Put Them All To The Test! Containing Many Sniper/Overwatch & Security Concepts, This All Encompassed Urban Scenario/SHTF Course Will Definitely Push Your Limits! Engaging various target from various distances while on the MOVE!


What to Bring:

-          GEAR UP - Full “Battle-Rattle”

-          AR15 Or AR 10

-          Scope Must Be At Least 12x (MIL or MOA)

-          Bipod or Bag

-          Precision 200 Rounds

-          Secondary weapon (pistol) 150 Rounds

-          Hearing & Eye

-          Note Pad & Pen

-          Clothing suitable for the weather, Ball cap, Bottled water (lots of water!!!!!!!), Hand towel, sack lunch. And the willingness to learn new techniques and an open mind.

If it's raining, we are still training! Call for group classes and other tactical offerings!

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