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Phoenix Desert Day Combo





July 20TH 2019!!!


Ben Avert Shooting Facility 4044 W Black Canyon Blvd. Phoenix, Az. 85086

For Both Men & Women Who Conceal Or Open Carry! This course introduces you to the theories and concepts of concealed and open carrying in an urban environment, along with the skills necessary to properly handle a pistol or revolver. in any situation The class will progress from the very basics to rapid fire/combat shooting and multi-target drills with various sized targets. This class is for everyone, whether you are a novice to the gun world or have experience shooting/carrying. These classes will also help you improve your accuracy and confidence to shoot well in a pressure situation. Our program is also great for the shooter who hasn’t been practicing on a regular basis. Lastly, these classes give the shooter a chance to practice real world shooting techniques, and situations which are not allowed at most civilian ranges. These courses place the most emphasis on improving the shooter's ability to make decisions under stress and to make rapid multiple shots on both single and multiple targets at varying distances. This class is literally for everyone on every level! What to Bring: These Items are required: 200 rounds Minimum! Hearing & Eye protection (we can provide it if you don’t have it), Hip or tactical holster for the Tactical Handgun class, Clothing suitable for the weather, Ball cap, Sunscreen, Bottled water (lots of water!!!!!!!), Hand towel, sack lunch. And the willingness to learn new techniques and an open mind. If it's raining, we are still training! Call for group classes and other tactical offerings (Women's classes)!

Course Requirements: 300 Rounds, Holster, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, And $20 Range Fee

Time: 2p

This comprehensive Urban AR-Pistol/SBR Course expands the theories and concepts of the AR15 platform rifle. During this course, students will learn many drills and tactics specifically for this platform and barrel length.

Although, many of the drills and tactics of this course are practiced by LE, SO, and Contractors, the exposure to the deployment and application for personal defense (Home, Vehicle, etc.) will be the primary focus of this course.

Course requirements: $20 Range Fee, 500 rifle rounds, 100 pistol rounds, & Single Or 2 Point Sling

All Your Tac-Gear


Full length barrel rifles are welcome!

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