CQB AR/AR-Pistol/SBR Course (Dallas)


CQB AR/AR-Pistol/SBR Course (Dallas)


Date: 2/2/2019

Time: 3p


Texas Defense Shooting Academy

1125 Wolf Springs Rd E Ferris, Tx. 75125

This comprehensive Urban AR-Pistol/SBR Course expands the theories and concepts of the AR15 platform rifle. During this course, students will learn many drills and tactics specifically for this platform and barrel length.

Although, many of the drills and tactics of this course are practiced by LE, SO, and Contractors, the exposure to the deployment and application for personal defense (Home, Vehicle, etc.) will be the primary focus of this course.

Course requirements: $20 Range Fee, 250 rifle rounds, 200 pistol rounds, & Single Or 2 Point Sling

All Your Tac-Gear


Full length barrel rifles are welcome!

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