Texas Security Level III Commissioned Security Officer Certification


Texas Security Level III Commissioned Security Officer Certification

from 225.00

BBOT - Akofena Academy now offers the Level III Commissioned Security Officer Training Check the class schedule for specific dates and times.

Around your schedule

The Level II Non-Commissioned Security Officer Certification Is A Prerequisite. The Level III Commissioned Security Officer Training Class (Level III) is a 45 Hour Class for 5 Days and costs $225.00 (guaranteed employment - $400). The price includes:

§  Classroom Fee

§  Range Fee

§  Level III Certificate of Completion

We also offer private classed scheduled at times that are convenient for you. Call for prices.

Please bring to class:

§  Your state I.D., Driver’s License, or US Passport

§  Black pen & paper for notes

You will be required to qualify with YOUR handgun!

§  All Level III students receive One on One instruction, on the range, before their range qualification. 

§  Bring your UNLOADED handgun and UNLOADED magazine in a bag or case.

§  If possible, leave your handgun in your vehicle until the instructor instructs you to bring the handgun to the shooting range.

§  If you cannot leave your handgun in your vehicle, bring your unloaded handgun unloaded magazine and your ammo (in a bag or case) to the classroom.  The Instructor will store your handgun and ammo. The instructor will give you your handgun and ammo when it is time for you to qualify.

§  Only standard handgun calibers can be shot on our range. 

§  Bring 50 rounds for the qualification exercise. 

§  Bring extra ammo for practice.

Qualification with a Shotgun is not required but is recommended.

Note: We do not rent guns or sell ammo. If you bring your own handgun, you will need to supply your own ammunition (only Federal, American Eagle or Winchester ammunition).

Note: If you qualify with a Revolver, you can only carry a Revolver. If you qualify with a Semiautomatic, you can carry either a Revolver or a Semiautomatic. We encourage everyone to qualify with a Semiautomatic. Also, it is more expensive to qualify with a Revolver, because the ammo is more expensive.

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